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A Focus on Treating Upper Back Pain

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A 4-step system that any licensed healthcare professional can easily utilize.


Leverage this highly specialized technique to effectively treat patients for their upper trapezius muscle issues.


Become the local “go to” practitioner for patients who experience issues with their upper back.



Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP

Has been innovating exceptionally effective healthcare treatments since 2003. Since beginning private practice he was placed on a path to enhance patient’s lives and alleviate unnecessary suffering by bringing brand new treatments to life.

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Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths, and Massage Therapists do not offer Money Back Guarantees if their treatments don't work. But I Do!

You Will Have A Full 30-Days to Study and Try Out This Amazing System on as many of your patients as you'd like. And if you do not find this is to be the Easiest, Simplest, Most Successful method both you and any of your patients have ever found....Lowering Their Pain Beyond your and Their Expectations...I will refund Every Penny you have paid me...No Questions Asked. This excludes any modest out of pocket costs for customization of your sales materials for your practice.

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